bakum-Do – Modern Self-defence

Regular training for everyone


Harassment, bullying or physical assaults in public spaces, who hasn’t experienced the fear of violence?
baKum-do is a holistic and modern self-defence, practical and proven through practice; it employs as kicks, strikes, locking-holds, throws and defence on the ground; it is also fun to do.


  • Aerobics, stretching, back strengthening exercise
  • De-escalation and self-assurance
  • Civil courage – what does helping mean?
  • Self-defence with minimum force
  • Defence against strikes and weapons
  • Training against incapacitating fear


Zentrum für Bewegung und Heilwege
Meraner Straße 31
10825 Berlin
Close to U-Bahn Bayerischer Platz or Rathaus Schöneberg

Thursdays, 20:00 – 21:30

150 Euro per Quarter
trial lesson: 10 Euro

Lead by
Udo Kumpe
Self-defence and anti-violence trainer, trauma advisor,
director of the baKum Institute for self-defence

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